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Dason has been a blessed friend & brother in Christ during my stay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Arabian Gulf) He is presently in the USA awaiting for things to happen in the will of the Lord. Dason will write a regular column for this site as the Lord leads.        - Vivek Samudre

Dear folks,
"The Lord was with the men of Judah.....but they were unable to drive the people from the plains, because they had iron chariots" Jud 1:19
Have you ever attended any interview? for job, higher education, sports etc and somebody else got selected?  Has somebody else been  promoted in your office?  What could be the reason? You had fasted & prayed and trusted God. You had  asked the Cell/House Group, the Prayer  Group and the Church to pray. Was it because somebody had a Jack or  maybe the other person bribed? OR was it simply because the other  person was BETTER [MORE SKILLED] than you?
In the above verse, we read that the enemies possessed SUPERIOR  WEAPONS;hence the Israelites were not able to drive out the enemies, even though the Lord was with them. They simply lacked in skill. So often, we christians think that we dont need to develop our SKILLS and ABILITIES, which are given by God.  Please remember I am not against fasting, praying and trusting God.
Ps 78:72 David was a man who totally relied on God yet we read that He was a man of SKILL and INTEGRITY. His choir consisted of thousands of musicians and singers who were not only ANNOINTED but also SKILLED. Ex 35:30-36:2 God ANNOINTED Bezalel and Oholiab with skill, ability and build the tabernacle.
Bible says, "Ask and you shall receive." We can ask God to bless us and annoint us with His skill, knowledge and ability in whatever  we do. God wants us to excell in whatever we do, whether secular  Job or in church, whether its music or preaching or  simply serving tea; moreso because we are Sons & Daughters of the Almighty God.
James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God, who gives
I wish one of the christian was a DEWANG MEHTA(IT pioneer). But Im glad that a christian is US President.One of the version says "Be excellent in whatever you do" Rom 16:19.
May each one of you excell in whatever you do.

Be Blessed!