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Welcome to the Humility Nation!
Man has of course changed and for sure has brought about changes in dealing with fellow beings. For sometime let us think that he has become more courteous. In this series of my writing, let’s have a humorous view at some ‘words’ in practical life situations with a practical perspective . My writings will be showcasing ‘words’ being used in different places, places of importance but in very unruly situations…
Welcome! This word seems to carry a great deal of hospitality. But, in my view, welcome must have originated from any other word than ‘hospitality’. And for surely, not from a hospital or you we all would have got a warm 'welcome' from the doctors and nurses as we would have entered a hospital with or ailments and diseases. I think i can take up welcome in a hospital later. But for now, how about a Police Station?
Unexpectedly you are called to the police station. It’s of course not a printed invitation, but a “hinted invitation” for trouble in a very near future. How near depends whether the police feels that your the culprit or no. What do you think should be or will be your reaction? On your way to the semi-gallows, will you be praying for your protection or for the Cops salvation, healing or his needs.
The reason for your visit could be a police enquiry for your passport, your towed-away car parked in a no parking zone, your dog bit your neighbor or anything under the sun. And as you enter the police station you are greeted with a smile by the most unlike(d)ly people, the police. It could be most embarrassing for anyone visiting police station for the first time and you find the most humble police in-charge or his deputies greeting you saying, “Welcome!”
Now, is a police station a place where you could well digest the word ‘welcome’? No, not very much to the law abiding citizens. But, if you are put in a lock-up, your seniors (ones who have been registered before you) might say ‘Welcome!’.
You are allowed to go home after you have answered a few questions which didn’t raise any suspicion in the minds of our courteous friends… your relaxed.
So, we can conclude that the words 'welcome and police station' dont really gel-up. But, I had a different experience altogether. Most of us call the Police Station or Prisons ‘A God forbidden place’. But, my ministry trips to the prisons made me think "is God in the prisons too... is He concerned about the people in there?" I have a soft corner for prisoners, but over here, I would like to express my concern for the Cops. I feel a police station or a cop needs prayer like all of us do. I have been a witness to even cops being healed of their sickness along with the inmates. Their prayers were being answered instantly or after a few days. That joy on their face made them more human and I understood that God loves Cops too… there is no reason why He shouldn’t.
The next time you pass by a police station, a prison or even if you happen to see a cop, pray that God works in these places and their lives.
After the Lord started working in the prisons on every visit on a second Saturday of every month we could hear a Cop saying, ‘Welcome!’
A monthly article by
Bro. Vivek Samudre

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