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Many a times I wondered how God uses people. This is surely a mistery since our Lord is greater than any idea or concept and He is ever ready for exhibiting His splendid powers through miracles which keep us wondering all the more.

But what is importantly revealling through the Holy Bible is that God uses His people to show us these miracles. What do we mean by 'God showed up?' It surely means that God showed up through a human being. Now, this man or woman might not be aware of God using him or her. He or she might not have even experienced salvation. But, they are the people in question at that scene. They are used by God and somebody is saved from a disaster, somebodys need is fulfilled or something supernatural happens.

Do you identify yourself sometimes as these men and women? You and I have been placed in our cities, towns or villages by nobody else but God. The least that we can do is to pray for our localities on a regular basis. There is so much of filth in each city all over the world. We need to pray and keep the spirits of darkness away from getting more people into this vicious circle.

The protection of our cities from lawlessness, corruption, prostitution of all kinds, natural calamities etc. can be claimed only through prayers of the righteous. So, lets rise up as a family and hold our cities to the Lord and let Him know that we care for the cities that He has placed us into.

Once again I would like to say that many believers have appreciated the idea of being connected through this site in the form of inspirational writings from fellow believers. I assure you that someone will be blessed by reading your written word, so do send in your written contributions to

Vivek Samudre, India.

Prayer given back seat?
We pray for many things, but we often forget to interceed for those who serve us. Yes, our Pastors and other Ministers.
We are so supportive to our next door neighbor in times of his need that we go beyond our capacities to help them out. We do that as we feel bound by that love we have for them. Similarly, commit to the Lord to pray intercessory prayers for your Pastors & church leaders
Lets be blessed by being a blessing!
Matrimonial Links for Believers

Bride and Groom at Wedding

Now, believers can find their respective Jacobs and Rebeccas on this wonderful site managed by Bro. Issac Singh from Shimla in Northern part of India.
One can find Believers from all the parts of the globe trying to find their future life partners.


Corporate ladder-climbing

Male & Female dedicated
knee-benders from all age groups &
nationalities for immediate placement as

Harvest Laborers

Candidates Fresh/Experienced
may apply with faith on the Word of God &
The Holy Spirit.

Package includes Blessings and
Eternal Accommodation in Heaven

Email CVs to

Q: Why is a crossword like a quarrel?
A: One word leads to another.

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Be Blessed!