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The war in Afghanistan may have subdued to an extent in the site of the world, but there is more to it.

Cleaning up a nation, which had been in a state of civil war and religious fundamentalist oppressions, would surely take much longer time. My thoughts will not be inclined towards the political interests of the nations having their military presence in Afghanistan along with its allies (most of them have backed out). But, for sure I would be more inquisitive about the Lord’s work happening in this war-torn nation.

To draw my point we need to just take another tangent. History stands witness to the invasion of the British intellect forces, which entered as mere traders and ended up capturing the entire India (including present days Pakistan, Bangladesh and partial Afghanistan) to rule for more than 150 years. But, on the contrary we need to see how God used this oppression to spread His word in these nations. It’s a misconception that Christianity came to India during the British Imperialist days. But, St. Thomas, one of the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ came to Southern India and preached the Word of God and there after also became a martyr. In the days of British rule over India, there surely was political bondage but this gave a way to the Lord’s work to happen.

Here I would like to ignore controversies and downfalls of any community or group and be focused on the positive and productive side of their coin. The Catholic Church of course made its huge contribution in terms of social and educational activities. The dedication and commitment of the catholic priest and nuns is commendable. The contribution and sacrifices by these men and women has largely added to the building of India as a nation. A number of nations including US and Australia sent missionaries to promote God’s Word in practicality. This was the freedom provided by the British Empire, which the missions work had an advantage over present day situation in India.

India experienced a major revival in 1905 in a very small village of Kedgaon, district Pune 200 kms from Bombay in Western India during the service of Pandita Ramabai, a Brahmin lady convert. This was during the same year when Wales was experiencing a revival where bars were getting converted into churches. Pandita Ramabai had made trips abroad but the revival in Kedgaon was not connected to the one in Wales. Ramabai contributed extensively to the reformation of the girl child in a much bigger way, that even today her labor in the Lord stands witness in the form of Mukti Mission in Kedgaon and many other supportive ministries in the state of Maharashtra. If it can happen in India, then why not in Afghanistan? For that matter, why not anywhere else in world.

The US and ally aggression on Afghanistan must be taken as an open door by Gods children for ministry of outreach and social reform as well. It’s a challenge for us all to make prayerful moves towards a predominant Islamic nation like Afghanistan being saved for Gods Glory! I challenge all my friends on the Internet in India and globally to pray:
 A total breaking down of fundamentalist activities in Trojan horse form
 Afghanis feel secure in their nation and stop migration to neighboring Pakistan
 For more harvesters of God in Afghanistan
 Protection of Gods people in Afghanistan
 Afghanis should open their hearts for the Gospel and not term it as a move by US and allies towards colonialism
 To raise more intercessors to intercede for Afghanistan

I believe that Afghanistan belongs to the Lord. Jesus died even for Afghanis. It’s just that they need to know it from the mouths of people who know the Living God. There are good amount of Christians enjoying commanding positions in multinational companies, & missionaries who can make a difference to the work of the Lord happening in Afghanistan.

Lets not forget that many must have been praying for us Indians when we were under oppression of the British and that was certainly without our knowledge so lets do it for our Afghani brothers and sisters. I am too excited about going to Afghanistan for business, leisure and ministry. I would never miss this opportunity. Amen

A monthly article by
Bro. Vivek Samudre
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